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B4Schools General Guidance and Checklist (Schools, Trusts and Contractors) for the transitional reopening of Primary Schools 1 June 2020 in terms of the support service contracts caretaking, catering, cleaning and grounds.

The past weeks have been challenging and we are now moving into a different set of challenges for those working in and supporting schools.

The mixed messages, varying circumstances and demands placed on both the schools and contractors have resulted in there being many different scenarios with some schools remaining open requiring cleaning and catering services to schools being closed with some contractors being stood down and having to take difficult decisions regarding staff such as furlough or redundancy.

This will mean that contractors will be in different positions to cope with the challenges ahead and we all need to appreciate the struggles they have had to grapple with financially over the past eight weeks.

It now looks likely that schools will be open to some pupils from 1st June.

We fully appreciate the challenges this will pose to the school community. With staggered arrivals, smaller groups, smaller groups at lunch and snacks and the need to additional cleaning and hygiene processes it is really important that they also discuss changes with their contractors and that all work together to try and provide a clean safe environment for children and all staff, school and contractor.

Schools are likely to have the expectation that contractors will be able to mobilise, re mobilise, adapt, vary and or modify their delivery. This may involve staff who are currently furloughed, staff who are shielding or under quarantine, some unfilled vacancies due to the pandemic and changed health and safety and menu requirements.

Schools and Trusts

Please provide contractors with:

  • as much notice as possible
  • a proposed timetable of opening and how this will be managed.
  • a copy of the Risk Assessment and COVID policies

Please also include the contractors manager or supervisor not just the cleaner/cook/assistant in any school setting issues, challenges and or changes that could affect the way the contractor will be expected to work.

Download our checklist

Download our checklist to help you to think through the essential elements of your support service contracts for caretaking, catering, cleaning and grounds.