Case studies

A mixed group of 8 primary schools – catering contract

The 8 Primary schools spanning two different local authority areas, came together to procure their catering service.

The schools were looking for a range of good quality, nutritious, attractively presented meals for pupils and staff that complied with the Government’s minimum nutritional and food based standards for the educational sector, and comply with the new Ofsted guidance for catering.

Via our Catering Framework 1, we invited 4 contractors to a mini tender.

We provided evaluation information and supported a panel to make a decision to award to the contactor who offered a best fit to the individual schools requirements providing a value for money outcome.

Two primary schools – one without kitchen facilities

The two schools wanted to withdraw from the local authority arrangement as it no longer met their needs.

One of schools required an arrangement where meals could be prepared in one school and delivered to the other. We were able to establish the requirements of both schools. The school with the kitchen was the lead on the contract.

Via our Catering Framework 1, we invited 3 contractors to submit a tender in the basis of one school providing the meals for the other.

Two strong submissions were received and the contract was awarded, providing a viable cost effective solution for both schools.

Multi Academy Trust with six primary schools – Catering and Cleaning

The six primary schools were of varying size from a small village school with mixed age classes and a total roll of less than 100 children to a large 3 form entry primary.

We were able to facilitate a value for money solution for the Trust for both Catering and Cleaning. Representatives from the individual schools headed up by the Trust were fully involved in all decision making.

We managed the process on behalf of the Trust, engaging with individual schools to establish their specific requirements.

Contracts were awarded after a mini tender process via the relevant Frameworks and all parties were happy with the outcomes achieved.